Gala Bingo ~ Deal or No Deal Game

The objective

Deal or No Deal is the online version of the popular Channel 4 TV show. You choose your box from the shelves, and then try to get the best deal from the Banker.

THE GAME with Gala Bingo

You can choose among 26 boxes, each one containing a different prize. The first box you choose is yours to keep, it won’t be opened and its contents will remain concealed until the end. In the following 5 rounds of the game you will have to open more boxes and reveal their contents. You will have to open:

  • Six boxes in round 1
  • Five boxes in round 2
  • Five boxes in round 3
  • Four boxes in round 4
  • Four boxes in round 5

At the end of each round the Banker will make you an offer for your box. You can either accept it - in which case you win whatever amount the Banker offered you - or refuse the deal, open more boxes and try to get a better offer. In the 6th and last round, if you don’t accept the Banker’s final offer, you will win the prize concealed in your box.

Every game has a payout, the longer the higher prizes remain in play, the higher the Banker’s offer will be.


To start playing the game, first select your stake. The prizes contained in the boxes will change accordingly.

Click on Start and then select the option to determine how you will choose the boxes during each round. If you choose the QUICK PICK option, after you have chosen your own box, all the others will be chosen for you automatically. If you choose NORMAL, you will have to choose every box yourself by clicking on it.

First, select your box by clicking on it, then click on 6 other boxes to reveal their contents (if you have chosen the Quick Pick option, the boxes will be chosen for you). At this point the phone will ring. Click on the phone to find out what the Banker wants to offer you. You can accept the offer by clicking on DEAL or refuse it by clicking on NO DEAL.

If you accept the offer, you win the amount offered by the Banker.

If you don’t accept the deal, you will have to open 5 more boxes, and the Banker will make you another offer.

The game continues until either you accept the Banker’s deal, or you reach the Banker’s final offer and decide to keep your box. To play again, click on Start.

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Play Gala Bingo's Deal Or No Deal now!

Play Gala Bingo"s Deal or No Deal now!

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